Come Follow Us Into The Future

Mildred Verlene Sullivan

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Charles J Apgar

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Come Follow Us Into The Future

Designers Of Our Own Master Planned Projects

Apgar And Sullivan

Apgar And Sullivan

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Just A Picture We Thought Was Cool

Click this Link to go to a 360 degree view of the Jean Dry Lake Bed. 

This dry lake bed is where we would like to build the Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream. 

It's around four miles across this dry lake bed. Therefore the project would reach the foothills of the small mountains you see in this video. 

We would elevate the project above the lake bed and use the lake bed to hold our recycled water creating an opportunity for various water sports while creating the appearance that the project was sitting on water. 

This video is not ours. It belongs to Vegas HeliCam LLC Remote Piloted Aerial Photograph. 

The Jean Dry Lake located south of Las Vegas is a small lake bed three miles east of Jean, Nevada and Interstate 15.

Jean is a popular spot for many activities ranging from filming, flying, and photography staged under the magnificent blue sky of Southern Nevada.

There are several dry lake beds around Las Vegas, however the Jean Dry Lake is very popular and commonly used for professional movie crews, commercial photographers, and off-road racing events.

For an off the beaten path adventure just minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, the Jean Dry Lake is the place to get dirty and have some fun. Click the photo below for a virtual tour of the Jean Dry Lake.

                    Charles J Apgar                   

 Mildred Verlene Sullivan

We not only represent The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream.

We are designers on The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream.

We hope to add some more designers and engineers to the team in the near future.

Money is the hold up. One can't do anything in this world anymore without money.

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream is way too big for the two of us to accomplish alone. 

Time wise, financial wise and otherwise. 

We need your support. We need your combined knowledge and your expertise.  

We need the resources and resourcefulness that you can bring to this project. 

We need your help.

We have been working on this project off and on for over forty five years now. 

Christmas Eve 2015 was 45 years. 

You might ask why off and on for so many years. Well, other things do go on in life and can use up one's time. Little things like making a living, paying rent, eating, etc., etc. 

There's never enough time.

It doesn't really matter how many years have passed. That's not the issue here. 

After all of these years, we still believe in The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream project and what it can bring to society and what it can mean to society now and in the years to come.

We hope that those of you that choose to support us and The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream, might believe as we do, that together we can create a better world, and a better future for ourselves and for those that will follow us.  

This is something we hope to accomplish with the building of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream. 

Thanks once again for believing in us. Thank You for your support.

Tell your friends, tell your friends to tell their friends. Let's make this happen.

The time is now to make the world a better place for all of us.

Sincerely, Charles J Apgar and Mildred Verlene Sullivan