The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects

Being designed by Charles J Apgar And Mildred Verlene Sullivan 

Updated June 19, 2017 

To Whom It May Concern

Please consider this page an open letter to all parties that might be interested in these projects. We want to hear from people that feel they have some positive and creative ideas to bring to projects of this magnitude.

This is a little about the projects that we have been dreaming about and working on, off and on for over forty-six years now. The idea was conceived on Christmas Eve 1970 in Irving, Texas 

Christmas Eve 2016 was 46 years.

One might ask how someone can contemplate something of this magnitude for so long. We don't have an answer to that question. Some things are not to be questioned.

We are presently calling the projects The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects.

A Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Project is approximately two miles across at its base including the 5 to 6 mile freeway-beltway that surrounds it. It is approximately 1500 feet tall.

That is its approximate size as of this date June 19, 2017.

Who are we here at Apgar And Sullivan. We are private designers, developers of our own designs, and overseers of our own designs. Or at least that's the way we like to look at it.

Our mission is simple. We have some multi-level vertical cities to build and we know that we can't build The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects by ourselves.

How many projects of this magnitude have we dreamed up and built in our lifetimes. Well, this one will be our first of this size. We are presently working, and have been working for many, many years now, exclusively on the design and development of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects.

Our humble design work is used exclusively in our own projects. We do not design nor develop anything, for anyone, other than ourselves and we have no interests in doing so.

Any ideas and or design work submitted from other parties interested in what we are doing, that ends up being compatible with our ideas and designs, stand a good chance of being incorporated into the final design and development of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects.

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects will incorporate hotels, restaurants, condos, multi-level shopping malls, grocery stores, all types of retail space, financial institutions of all types, convention and meeting space and lots of mix use commercial space, a multi-story parking garage and acres and acres of public space for parks and recreation, etc., into one complex.

We will have our own post office, police department, fire station and hospital.

We intend to make The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects as environmentally friendly as modern technology can provide.

We will accomplish this in many ways throughout the project.

For starters we will generate our own electricity. We will use some solar energy. We will recycle our own waste water. The recycled water will be stored in the dry lake bed that the project will be built over. We will also use the man-made lake for various recreationally purposes for guests of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects.

All private, commercial and service vehicles used beyond the parking garages at the perimeter of the project, will be electric vehicles or equally environmentally friendly.

Please don't let the size of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects intimidate you nor deter you from contacting us. Know that the success of these projects will require the combined knowledge, expertise, resources and resourcefulness of people from many walks of life as well as people, resources and resourcefulness from all corners of this world.

Please contact us if you're sincerely interested in being a part of these projects. Keep in mind that we're not phone people. We do not have people to take your calls and answer endless questions.

Your chances of talking to us on the phone are mighty slim.

We prefer email and regular mail and the paper trail of email and regular mail. Keep this in mind and keep copies of your email correspondence with us, as we will do the same. It's our simple way of keeping track of who said what, and the written word also serves to keep us all honest, for the common good of all interested parties that will be involved in these projects.

We also believe in the "K.I.S.S." principle here.

For those of you that aren't familiar with the "K.I.S.S." principle, it's a term used in the design-build world and stands for "Keep It Simple Stupid".

We apply the "K.I.S.S." principle, not only to the design work that will be used in these projects, but in our everyday lives as well. Given the scope of these projects and to help minimize the waste of one another's time, we ask that those of you that contact us acknowledge and respect this simple principle.

These multi-level vertical cites will be home to thousands of people and will provide long term, good paying jobs, when complete and open for business, and will accommodate thousands of guests and visitors on a given day.

We're interested in hearing from, and talking to any sincere, creative, open minded people that feel they have something positive to bring to the design, engineering, development, and ultimate construction of these projects.

We're not putting anyone on the payroll at this time, we're just talking. We would like to talk to you.

If you expect to get paid for just talking to us, then pass us by, because these projects are not for you.  

This is however, to those of you that have the fore-sight, an opportunity of a lifetime, to come forth and ultimately be a part of the thought, design, engineering, development and construction process of these projects, that when built, will be a wonder in their time.

And for some the opportunities will continue for years to come, depending on what you can bring to these projects and what your interest might be. Your destiny is in your hands.

Come be a part of the dream, and follow us into the future.

These projects will be built to stand for a long, long time and therefore will benefit generations of people for hundreds of years to come.

We're only interested in hearing from sincere designers, engineers and investors, as well as everyday people, etc., etc., that want to invest in the future and the goodwill that these projects will create.

That is a little insight into what these projects are all about.

Keep an open mind and remember this is not your average projects.

If you feel that you have something positive and creative to contribute to these projects, then we would love to hear from you. Please contact us with what you have to offer.

The following paragraph is our equal opportunity and non-discrimination policy all rolled into one.

This is not intended to piss anyone off.  

"In our effort to be fair to all interested parties, we want you all to know that we respectfully don't care where you come from, who you are, who your mama is, what your sex is, your sexual preferences are, what your political preferences are, or what God or Gods you pray to, as long as you are legitimate and sincere in regards to your interests in this project. We want all interested parties to know, that we don't discriminate against any people of this world, and we expect all parties to be respectful of this and to conduct themselves in a like manner." No Exceptions To These Policies.

The Rest Of The Story Is Forthcoming

Please Check Back With Us Another Day

Please Feel Free To Come Join Us

Please Feel Free To Contact Us

And Become Part Of The Story

Of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream

Sincerely, Charles J Apgar and Mildred Verlene Sullivan


Apgar And Sullivan and The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects

Mildred Verlene Sullivan

Charles J Apgar

Come Follow Us Into The Future

We are Charles J Apgar and Mildred Verlene Sullivan.

Apgar And Sullivan

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