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​Current Project: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects

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 The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects - Design as of June 19, 2017

There are 120 elevator cores which will provide full access to all areas of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects for guests and visitors, as well as for the employee's and personnel that work for the project. The design of these projects would be impossible without all the functions these 120 elevator cores will provide.

Each of the 120 elevator cores will be pressurized and contain shafts providing a fresh air supply and separate shafts for ventilation. Each of the 120 elevator cores will contain stairways, public and private elevators as well as freight and service elevators to serve all levels of the projects.

At least one elevator at the center of each of the 120 elevator cores will be capable of carrying a loaded tractor and trailer rig to any level of the projects.

These large elevators will not only be used to assist in the construction of these projects and the moving in and out of most of the furnishings of the projects, they will also be used to move exhibitors merchandise to and from convention floors, goods and supplies to malls, restaurants, etc. They will also be used to remove the tons of trash, waste, etc. from the projects daily. These large elevators can also be used to assist in any future renovation of the projects.

Also incorporated into each of the 120 elevator cores, is several thousand sq. ft. of safe space at each level or floor of the project that an elevator stops at, to serve as a safe haven in the event of fire, etc. Each of these 120 elevator cores will have its own separate air supply, enabling us to use the elevator cores to evacuate the projects in the event of a fire, etc.

Certain areas within each elevator core will serve as water storage tanks for the projects fresh water supply. Other areas in each elevator core will be used for storage of recycled water that will be used for landscaping, man-made streams and waterfalls that will be incorporated into the parks and public areas throughout the projects. This recycled water will also be used for the sprinkler systems throughout the project and to fight a fire in the event of a major fire.

This will give you some idea of the amount of design and engineering that will be necessary to develop these projects.

The spaces between the 120 elevator cores will be used for condominiums, hotel suites and offices and will share thousands of acres of decks and public areas at their base, with millions and millions of sq. ft. of office, convention and meeting space at the center core of the projects at each level.

There will be millions and millions of sq. ft. of space, for shops and restaurants, etc., etc., etc., at each level. There will be thousands of acres of open decks and public areas for recreation and special events.

At the very center of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects there will be theaters, concert halls, our own post office, fire station, police department, hospital and stadium for sporting events in order to serve this complex and the surrounding community.

The 120 elevator cores that serve the projects, will be incorporated into the projects in 5 separate rings, starting with ring #1 through ring #5 and all elevator cores will start from the bottom most level of the projects and continue up through all floors and decks of the projects that they will serve.

Sincerely, Charles J Apgar and Mildred Verlene Sullivan 


Apgar and Sullivan and The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects

Las Vegas, Nevada